Exceptionally busy month for Winlink traffic

July has seen the highest level of RMS traffic since my station went into action a year or so ago.

40M 45 105 150
30M 49 78 127
20M 8 9 17
2M 25 23 48
MSG TOTAL  127 215 342

A majority of the traffic on 30M was in support of the NPOTA expedition to Isle Royale (NP31). On July 22nd I received the following email from KCØMKS/Jeff:

----- Message from KC0MKS sent 2016/07/22 01:58 -----

Date: 2016/07/22 01:58
From: KC0MKS
To: N0MTH 
Source: KC0MKS
Subject: //WL2K Thank you!!!


Just a quick note to say thank you for the RMS Trimode node on 30m!

A group of 11 hams are on Isle Royale National Park for an NPOTA
event. It's a 2.5 hour boat ride (4 boats) to Isle Royale across 
Lake Superior. No cell service here! Look for us on 80/40/20/17 as
AA0AW NP31...

There was a nasty storm that blew through Duluth MN early this 
morning, where most of the group is from. We have been warming up the
clouds sending emails to family and friends to take care of home 

Your 30m station has been awesome all day.

Thank you again and 73! 

-Jeff Nast KC0MKS
Trustee for N0LCR-1 RMS Trimode Gateway
(Power out at my house, so no joy getting into my node!)

In addition to the messages they were all passing to and from their families, they were also downloading radar images and weather announcements from the Winlink Catalog.

I’m often asked by other hams why I dedicate an HF radio station to 24/7 digital modes. This! This is the reason why. Because in the off chance that someone out there runs into a situation where there is no cell phone coverage, no internet access of any type, and no other way to reach friends and family in a crisis. “WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS!”

The storms in northern Minnesota were impressive to say the least. Some local coverage links are below:



I encourage you to be familiar with all of your tools in your ham radio toolbox. For your own peace of mind and safety of your family.