Pactor mode added to Winlink Gateway

Signalink USB, Dragon 7800 & Yaesu FT-897D.

Well, I finally broke down and wired up my Pactor modem to my Winlink gateway running RMS Trimode. The gateway is now scanning a frequency on 20m, 30m, and 40m.

P1 & P2 speeds are available on 20m.

P3 is available on 30m.

P1, P2, and P3 speeds are available on 40m.

The gateway simultaneously listens for both Winmor and Pactor connections as it scans the frequencies.

Whichever mode it comes across on the connect will lock out the other from interfering while the handshake is in progress.

Now, if we could just dump the antiquated symbol rate rule, we could enjoy some P4 speeds.

For the dual modem setup, I connected the SCS modem to the DATA jack on the back of the 897. CAT control for frequency scanning is accomplished by using a separate CAT cable to a 9-pin serial COM port on the PC. The Signalink is jumped using the Yaesu RJ-45 mic jack instructions. The cable between the Signalink and the front mic jack is a 1 to 1 wired network cable. No pairs are crossed. This saved $25 from buying the one from Signalink. Speaker out from the radio goes into the speaker jack of the Signalink. TX gain on the Signalink is cranked to about the 9 o’clock range. And then Menu Mode No-081 [SSB GAIN] is set to 5. The radio is in USB mode instead of USB-Digital.

Connections today have been good on both modes without any noticeable issues or problems.